Volume: 100ml
2.4 standard drinks
Alc./vol 30%
Product of New Zealand
Contains harmonious blend of Napoleon Brandy, Honey Wine (mankind’s most ancient alcoholic beverage), and pure 23 carat GOLD FLAKES.


One sip of this beautiful golden nectar and you are set for a life of eternity. Kiwi Manuka’s Honey Liqueur is a blend of premium pure New Zealand Manuka Honey sourced from the beautiful East Coast regions of the North island.

Napoleon Brandy imported from France and Pure 23 carat Gold flakes makes every sip even more lustful and luxurious. Both ingredients are intermixed and infused together using modern winemaking techniques, creating a delicious drink to savor, sip with a lover or simply to share with friends.

Tasting Notes: The Nose is dominated by Honey with hints of Orange and aniseed. In the mouth, our Kiwi Manuka Honey Liqueur is beautifully rounded with the Honey and aniseed flavors dancing along taste buds of your tongue. The overwhelming taste and texture of liquid honey takes over all your senses as the smooth golden texture glides down your throat providing a warm glow all over your body.

Serving Temperature: Serve with ice for a refreshing and pleasant taste.